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Trust the companies the utilities trust

When you choose DNR Tree Service, you're choosing a company that's accredited by the utilities. Give us a call and request insurance verification, get references, and get answers to your most asked questions about our services.

When the going gets tough, they turn to us

The utilities have worked with us for years and don't hesitate to turn to us for storm damage cleanup, tree removal, tree trimming, and a host of other services.


In fact, other tree trimming services turn to us, too! When they find a job that's too big, too dangerous, or too complicated, they send their business our way. Trust the company that other companies trust.

A host of professional tree services

Square Square

"They are fast and efficient and they have the equipment to do the job right and safely.  We were very impressed."

- Alan D.

There is no job that DNR Tree Service can't handle. From small residential jobs to huge commercial work, we do it all.

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